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The RISE integrated campuses have two unique groups the RISE Krishna Sai Gandhi Group of Institutions to offer unparalleled Engineering, Management and Computer Education. The most competent and dedicated technical and human resources in the campuses sharpen students and their skills. They thereby, shall be sure to make the greatest possible strides both in their career and life! The two Groups are under the single umbrella called RISE which stands for Rural Institute of Social and Economic Empowerment.

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    The Campus Recruitment Programme at RISE GROUPS gives an opportunity to the institute to showcase its talent pool to the corporate world and for corporates...

E. S. L. Narasimhan, Honourable Governor of Andhra Pradesh
" The blend of amazing general awareness and linguistic excellence is a great asset to technical students. If every college instills and encourage this idea, many engineering students will come forward, achieve great things like Silohu and play a vital role in a nation building. "
Dr. G. Tulasi Ram Das, Honourable Vice-Chancellor, JNTUK, Kakinada
" Competition is an opportunity to prove one's mettle. If students are on their toes to prove themselves to be true competitors their success graph is always impressive. The two integrated campuses of the RISE Groups are putting their best possible efforts to make their students global competitors. I wish them better than the best. "
Dr. D Purandeswari, Honourable Union Minister, HRD, Government of India
" I have long been aware of the unparalleled devotion and determination of the RISE Management duo. So success on their part is not any surprise to me. I am sure to witness many more achievement stories from the RISE Campuses in the days to come too. "
Mr. Kanthilal Dande, Honourable Collector, Prakasam District
" Career must not be confined just to employment. It ought to encompass all aspects of life. Life Career, therefore, should be one of the most popular objectives of the professional students today. Professionalism has to be nurtured with greater care. I am happy to find great determination on the part of the faculty and management to develop professional skills among the RISE students. "
Mr. M. Maheedhar Reddy, Honourable Minister, Government of A.P.
" Today's professional students have a special accountability to aim at national excellence too besides the organizational development and their personal and career progress. The RISE students are apt to get rich appreciation for their lofty vision of excellence. "
Mr. K. Sudheer Reddy, Principal Consultant, L & D, Infosys, Hyderabad
" Organizations accord rich reception to those aspirants who possess a strong personality based on situational leadership. We expect leaders today from professional institutions and not just certified students. Leadership provides direction in any situation. I am convinced of the RISE students' leadership and their professors' scholarship. "
Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Honourable M.P., National Leader, BJP
" Education must pave the way for making great strides in all aspects of life. Students must nurture humane values in addition to academic scholarship to prove their originality. They must design their goal-chart on the basement of their parents' aspirations. May the RISE students stand in the forefront while proving their qualities? "
Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Honourable TDP Supremo
" I have been quite observant in the RISE Groups. I am very much impressed with the keen sense of the students' zeal to learn and the professors' eagerness to nurture professionalism. I appreciate the RISE Management for designing a great campus just in two years. "
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