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Computer Lab - Computer Assisted Learning (CAI)

Research results show that student performance is increased and student learning time is reduced when computers are used in teaching and learning. Computer programs designed to teach are usually divided into three categories: drill and practice, tutorial, and programs that simulate an event or process. The user gets continuous and immediate feedback from the computer. Learning occurs at a rate that is individualized and controlled by the student.

Internet Access:
Wi - Fi Internet facility with the speed of 12 Mbps is available to the RISE students 24x7.

The labs have 540 PC's, with Windows 98 and Windows XP, and one Linux server. PC scanners, Laser printers and LCD Projectors form the basis for an effective professional atmosphere of learning.

Computer Programs / Software
The RISE Groups are proud to be the members of the MSDNAA where our students can download all the software of Microsoft freely. A wide variety of computer programs are available including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and numerous others that support course work. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is used to access the Internet.

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