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The RISE Philosophy gives prominence to 'Excellence through Self-Paced Strategies'. Every individual is unique. The true manifestation of uniqueness is possible only when the individual students’ wholesome personality is analyzed and understood. The RISE philosophy gets acceleration on the basis of this very principle. Accordingly, the students, after every term examination, are personally invited to appear before the assessment committee for a thorough understanding of their performance. They are given professional analysis about their strengths and limitations. They are also encouraged to set probable targets on their own for their further performance. They are continuously assisted and assessed thereafter to reach the pre-set targets. Learning, therefore, is a creative task in the RISE world! The students find themselves in a world of colours. They are colourful.

Individual aspirations and variations of the learners are best appreciated in the RISE campus. The students are assessed by a rich procedure of comprehensive evaluation and they are placed under different categories of efficiency. That’s not enough at all. The students are supported, encouraged and guided continuously by the most talented faculty to move to the higher categories. In the process, awards are conferred on the students on proving their excellence. Our assessment method provides the greatest possible motivation to the students to make great strides with ease and interest. Learning is more of edutainment in the RISE campus! The serene ambience of the campus is an evergreen repository of inspiration to the students of future vision

Mentors at the Crucial Centres
The powerful MENTORING system in the campus tunes the hidden abilities of the students to the technical excellence and so their talents are best expressed. Professors with unique teaching skills are appointed to look after the academic needs of the students. The mentoring Professors keep a close watch on the students and maintain a record of their ever growing performance. The personal care given by the Professors will make the students feel confident of their abilities.

Let us See the CC Group
The RISE campus identifies the specific learning needs of the students and thereby special groups are formed. One such group is named after the RISE CC Group i.e., Campus Core Group. Special classes are arranged for the CC Group students and a troop of specially appointed Professors will take care of such students' needs and progress. The personal attention of the faculty given to the students paves the way for their assured success. Once the students become confident of their learning they are sent back to the mainstream.

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