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RISE groups of institutions
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IUCEE Encompasses RISE Groups

Mr. M. Kantha Reddy, Director - Operations India, presenting the consortium membership certificate to the Hon'ble management of Rise Groups.

Transforming Engineering Education in India - The IUCEE Way

Who Started IUCEE?

The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) was founded with the help of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Pan IIT (organization of IIT alumni), International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) with headquarters at University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML). It was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. Generous financial contributions and intellectual advice from Desh and Jaishree Deshpande, Sudha and Narayana Murthy, Arjun and Kiran Malhotra and in-kind support from Infosys Technologies have helped initiate the program which is now on the way to becoming a success and financially sustainable.

What is the IUCEE Vision?

The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India with focus on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & research.

What is the IUCEE Approach?

Initial emphasis is on building capacity to improve the teaching quality of faculty in the large number of engineering colleges in India by introducing state-of-the-art concepts of problem based and outcomes based approaches to teaching and learning. This is being implemented with the leadership of experienced Indian faculty in collaboration with US faculty experts. Simultaneously, the culture of research and innovation among these colleges is being enhanced via the resulting networks and collaborations between the US and Indian institutions, thereby increasing the capacity of the Indian institutions to engage in world-class research. These networks are leading to opportunities for US colleges also to benefit via international student recruitment, research collaborations and study abroad opportunities for US students. This approach will enable innovative solutions for addressing crucial problems faced by this world. 

Benefits of membership in IUCEE Consortium

General Benefits:

  • IUCEE branding opportunities for college website and brochures, on IUCEE portal and various
    IUCEE forums
  • Affiliation with IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies); access to special programs such as International Conferences, Global Webinars and Global Student Programs
  • Regular advisory consultation with IUCEE Executive Director
  • Personal notices of all IUCEE activities; access to IUCEE materials from previous FLIs;
  • Contacts with over 200 US Experts and their Institutions; short visits by US experts;
  • Facilitation of collaborations with US colleges including MOUs, Centers of Excellence, twinning
  • programs, faculty and student exchanges, visits to US universities

Specific Program Benefits:

With help of IUCEE facilitation, Consortium members can access the following, based in its own
strategic priorities for improving its engineering education

  • Short workshops or courses for faculty and/or students by US experts travelling to India (Faculty Leadership Institute, FLI); Member Host Institution in India pays costs and may recoup part of its Investment through fees for outside participants
  • Webinars and short courses on-line by US experts, Indian experts and Industry Leaders relevant for faculty and students on relevant topics conducted regularly.
  • Advising by US faculty as Research Co-Guides for faculty pursuing PhDs
  • Opportunities for US faculty or Indian faculty from Member Institution to spend a semester or more at other's college, collaborating in research and teaching.
  • Advice from US experts in hosting International Conferences or Seminar
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Curriculum in existing programmes or for starting new programmes
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Infrastructure, including assistance in setting up Centers of Excellence and special laboratories for improving teaching and research
  • Advice in connecting with potential US colleges interested in twinning programs (such as 2+3 BS/MS and 4 +1 MS degree programs).
  • Advise Member Institutions with Strategic Planning for enhancing quality of academics, including contacts with US experts for Advisory Boards
  • Facilitate Student Networking with each other, faculty and industry experts using a unique on - line platform (Classle.net)
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