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RISE groups of institutions
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Department of Master of Technology (M.Tech)

One's academic scholarship matters a lot in one's career life. Professional courses pave the way for the best possible career excellence. One ought to have rich professional expertise to prove one's worth in today's technological world. Global standards demand so much of skill based scholarship on the part of today's young students. So mere certificate of graduation doesn't serve the purpose and hence students. today, have to go for higher studies.

RISE Groups always stand in the front row to support students and parents aspirations.

RISE Gandhi Group, thus, offers M.Tech. in CSE (42 seats) and M.Tech. in ECE (42seats).
RISE Prakasam Group offers M.Tech. in CSE (42 seats) and M.Tech. in ECE (42 seats).
Being the ultimate abode of wise students, the RISE Groups have opened channels of professional excellence. May many blossom with the RISE scholarship!

1)  Computer Science (CS) 18 in each College

2)  Computer Science & Engineering - 24 in each College

3) DECS- 18 in each College

4) VLSI & ES - 24 in each College


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