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Ongole is a large and calm town in the Prakasam district. The district headquarters are stationed in ongole. Ongole is famous for its Ongole breed of oxen which are considered as the base of superior stock. This is one of the major Zebu cattle breeds in the world. Ongole and Prakasam regions form a major centre for tobacco production and aqua culture in India.

The town's history goes back to the era of the Mauryas, and Satavahanas who ruled most of the present Andhra Pradesh. A few inscriptions dating to the Satavahana period were found in a village called Chinna Ganjam, near Ongole. After the Satavahanas, this place came into the limelight again during the Kakatiya dynasty. During those days the towns of Motupalli Voda Revu and Kottapatnam served as major seaports.

The commerce of Ongole was largely started by agricultural families within the Prakasam district. Ongole is one of the major centers for tobacco trading in Andhra Pradesh.

During 70's and 80's many enterprises were setup in the small scale manufacturing sector like shoes, paints, PVC, pharmaceuticals etc.

During 80's and 90's the area saw proliferation of hospitals and educational institutions. The later 90's witnessed the advent of granite industry. The availability of black galaxy granite nearby has resulted in the proliferation of granite mining, stone cutting and polishing unit companies in and around Ongole.

Ongole is famous for the breed of bulls in that area. Ongole bulls have gone as far as America, Holland, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay, Indonesia, West Indies, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius, Indo-China and Philippines.

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