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Research in Social Education by MBA Students

Business is a part of society .A business gets all its inputs from the society and gives all its outputs to the society. A business person or administrator must adopt the various aspects of the relevant and general environment. Social education refers to the awareness, expertise, belief and commitment to the adaption of social norms, values and culture. A social environment which is in consistence with its sub-systems can provide a good cooperative and conducive environment for business. The researcher is enabled to enrich his experience and he can develop the balanced learning of theory and practice.


The study of social environment can be an effective tool for the further study of relevant business environment. The researcher can educate and can be educated by the society. Society is complex, dynamic and challenging field with competing perspectives.


  • To understand social environment from the view of his research topic.
  • To develop a logical relationship between existing and exogenous variables taken from the society.
  • To provide suitable and feasible solutions to the given social problems.
  • To make a self-assessment of his communication skills.
  • To be assessed by the persons concerned for further guidance.


A systematic random sampling method is used .typically, the population is very large.so, making a census or complete enumeration of alll the values of the population is infeasible. A sample, thus, forms a manageable subset of the population


  • Do not be blinded by the preconceived ideas so that you fail to look for contrary evidence or you fail to recognize the facts which against to your preconception
  • Look for differences that make a difference
  • Build your reality checks
  • Compare like with like
  • Use the method as your servant but not as the master
  • Treat the respondents and non-respondents as your units of research
  • Be emotionally balanced
  • Psychological compartmentation is to be practiced during the assigned activity.




BASIS FOR SAMPLE SELECTION: It is based on the objectives, possibility and accessibility. The data collected through the survey is a primary data; it is to be processed by the research team for further interpretation


  • Each Research Team Consists Of Five(05) Members
  • Each Team Will Be Allotted it's Research Topic By The Persons Concerned
  • All The Students Must Attend The Classes With Out Fail Except On The Day That Was Assigned For The Task
  • All The Students Must Narrate Their Complete Program And The Report Is To Be Submitted With In 72 Hours Of The Completion Of Their Task
  • The Report Must Be Submitted In The PPT Format With Hard Copies To The Department
  • All The Students Must Participate With Out Fail
  • A Proof Of Interview Must Be Submitted To The Department On The Very Next Day Of The Program
  • The Interview Should Be Conducted With A Questionnaire/ Schedule And The Relevant Copies Are To Be Submitted To The Dept On The Very Next Day With Out Fail
  • Then Filled In Questionnaires And The Remaining Relevant Material Should Be Submitted In Support To The Report That Will Be Submitted To The Department.
  • All The Teams Must Be With In The Scope Of Supervision Of The Faculty Members Concerned
  • The Entire Filled In Questionnaire Must Be Signed By The Respondent And The Other Details Also Must Be Made Written On The Back Side Of The Questionnaire.
  • Those students who do not attend the guidance sessions will not be allowed to participate the program.
  • The duration allowed for the program, under no circumstances, will be extended.


  • Is the government really close to the public in the terms of service and transparency and with the different sections of people ?
  • What is your contribution to the society in return to the rights you are enjoying by being a member of the society? How socially are you responsible ?
  • Why do the youth of present day prefer job oriented education? Is it a healthy symptom for the multifaceted development of the society ?
  • The splitting of joint families is a blow to the human relations. If yes, what is the solution to prevent further damage ?
  • The scheme of 'Nagadu badili' can successfully serve its purpose. Can it avoid the leakages and misappropriations in the distribution channel ?
  • Are the oppositions playing their actual role i.e. constituted by the Indian constitution ?
  • Why the low wage earners and small farmers are becoming prey to the financial intermediaries and micro finance ?
  • Are the political leaders honest, if not, how to correct them? What is the way 'the people or the leaders them selves' ?
  • Is child labour eradicated by the governmental system effectively? Can we eradicate child labor from the view of the economic conditions of the country ??
  • Is an Indian railway comparatively competitive with the neighbor countries? Is the price hike, a responsible step ?
  • Visit a slum area and find their regular problems. Make a survey to know their opinion regarding the reasons for their plight. ?
  • Do the entries of super markets really affect the business of street hawkers and retail shops ?
  • Road accidents and their causes and consequences ?
  • How are the industries affected at present and near future due to power shortage? Awareness among the general public of non conventional sources of energy ?
  • How do you manage your stress? What are the consequences of a failure in stress management (in your experience) ?
  • Is a joint family desirable? if so ,why? Are the people satisfied with the nucleus families? What are the negative consequences of the split of nucleus families ?
  • An interview with a bureaucrat (preferably with the people of public relations) ?
  • An interview with a fast-food vendor
  • An interview with a bank personality to share his views on the present competition. ?
  • A survey on gender discrimination in various areas like education and treatment. ?
  • An interview with a teacher to share his views on the present trend of education and employment ?
  • An interview with a police person to share his views on the crime instinct in the society ?
  • An interview with the chairperson of an educational institution to share his views on the present educational system and required changes ?
  • Are our political leaders really inspiring the people ?
  • An interview with an entrepreneur. ?

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