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Hunt for India's Super “RoboGenius” begins..........

RISE Groups of Institutions::Ongole selected as a Zonal Center for Guntur, Prakasam, and Nellore districts to conduct the ROBOTRYST-2013 in collaboration with TRYST IIT, Delhi and Robosapiens Technologies. RISE Groups of Institutions is one of the Zonal Centers among the 40 zonal Centers acrossIndia.

ROBOTRYST - 2013 is an initiative by Robosapiens India in association with Tryst-2013 IIT-Delhi, towards Robotics. It's a Hunt for India's Super RoboGeninus. The prelims Rounds were organized at RISE Groups of institutions and Final Rounds were organized at IIT-Delhi.

This two days Workshop will providing the students knowledge in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems by showing them live robotics projects and promote them to get participate in national level Robotics event.

RoboTryst-2013 A Milestone in Robotics Education in India. It is an Initiative by Robosapiens India. It is a Workshop series cum Robotics Championship. This Year RoboTryst will be held at different Zonal Centers across India. This is a 2 Stage Event as described below:


  • A Robotics workshop will be held at different Zonal centers across India. The details of the Zonal centers and Workshop contents are available on this website at the earliest time.
  • All the participants who want to participate in RoboTryst are required to attend the workshops at any Zonal Center.
  • The workshop fee is included in the Registration Charges.
  • During the workshop 'Robot Kits' will be provided by Sponsors of this event to a Group of 4-5 Participant at free of Cost.
  • The Duration of the Robotics Workshop will be of 2 Days.
  • The Workshop will be delivered by “ROBOSAPIENS INDIA”.


  • Just after the workshop, a Mega Competition Zonal final of RoboTryst-2013 will be held.
  • Winners will be awarded by Certificate of Merit and are required to participate in final rounds which will be held in the months of Jan - march 2013 at IIT New Delhi.

Final ROUND at IIT-Delhi

  • All the zonal winners will be called at IIT in the month of Jan-2013 to participate in the final rounds.
  • Winner of this final round will win TheRoboTryst-2013 championship and will be awarded and honored by TRYST IIT Delhi.

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the RoboTryst-2013.
  • All engineering, science, MBA, Ph.D students and hobbyist of robotics can attend this event, as Robotics has become backbone of all industry needs.



(National Level Champion ship and Workshop series)
Dates: - 25th - 26th September 2012
Venue: RISE Groups of Institutions - Ongole.
ROBOTRYST - 2013 is an initiative by Robosapiens India in association with Tryst IIT-Delhi, towards Robotics. It's a Hunt for India's Super RoboGenius. The prelims Rounds were organized at RISE Groups of institutions: Ongole and Final Rounds were organized at IIT-Delhi.


  • Path Finder Robot
  • Edge Avoider Robot
  • Obstacle Avoider Robot
  • Wall Follower Robot
  • GSM Controlled Robot

Stage1: A Robotics Workshop will be organized by Robosapien India
at RISE Groups of Institutions: Ongole.
Stage 2: A prelims rounds of Robotryst’2013 IIT-Delhi will be held just after the completion
of the workshop.
Stage 3 : Winners of these zonal center will get wild card entry in the final of
Robotryst-2013 at IIT-Delhi.

How to Participate.
Step 1: Get registered with persons mentioned below.
Step 2: Submit your registration fee.
Step 3: Report on above mentioned date at the venue given below.
Spot Registrations are also welcome
Registration Fee: 1300/- per participant (DD in favour of “RISE Prakasam group of Institutions”)

Team Details:
A team can consist of 4 -5 Participants.
Team Can be formed by participants of different college.
Each team will get a free Robotic Kit.

M.Sandeep Kumar : 90303-48551, N.Pavan Kumar : 92959-55995
Email: riserobo@gmail.com

For More details:
Website: http://www.risegroup.edu.in , http://www.robosapiensindia.com

i-RoboTricks Workshop TimeLine

Topics To be covered Time(in Minutes)
Session 1: (Day 1: Before Lunch)
1)      Self introduction 2 mins
2)      Company Introduction 2 mins
3)      About Robotics 5 mins
4)      Future of Robotics 5 mins
5)      Career in Robotics 5 mins
6)      Types of Robot 5 mins
7)      Examples of Some world Famous Robots 5 mins
8)      What you need to build Robots? 15-20 mins
a.       Electronics/ Electrical  
b.      Computer Science  
c.       Mechanical  
d.      Infact all Engineering Fields  

5 mins
9)      Basic Electronics:  
a.       Resistors (Physical look, Symbol, Types , rating, Practical use) 5 mins
b.      Capacitors (Physical look, Symbol, Types , rating, Practical use) 5 mins
c.       pn Diodes, LED, Photodiode (Physical look, Symbol, Types , rating, Practical use) 5-10 mins
d.      Transistors (Physical look, Symbol, Types , rating, Practical use as a switch) 10-20 mins
e.      Batteries (types, rating) 5 mins
f.        Power supplies 5 mins
10) Motors  
a. AC and DC Motors 1-2 mins
b. DC geared Motor 5 mins
c. Stepper motor(with working) 5-10 mins
d. Servo motors(Introduction) 3-5 mins
11)   Motor Controllers Circui  
a. H-Bridge (Introduction, Circuit, Working) 10-15 mins
b. L293D motor Driver IC(pinout and connection with inputs and Motor Output table) 10-15 mins
12) Introduction to Sensors 5 mins
a. IR sensor(Circuit diagram and working) 5-10 mins
b. Temperature Sensor 3 mins
After having lunch arrange kits fo studentĀ   
Session 2: (Day 1: After Lunch)  
C. Sound sensor(working of 555 timer IC's in Monostable Mode, Sound Sensing
Ckt with 555 IC)
10-15 mins
Distribution of the kit/Team to the teams 10 mins
Crosscheck the delivered kit component from all team 5 mins
13) Microcontroller Basics(overview ) 5 mins
a. Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3 mins
b. Features of Atmega 8/16/32 Microcontroller 15 mins
14) Interfacing of Input device(like sensors) & Output device(like Motors & LED)
with Mirocontroller

5 mins
a. Introduction to Embedded C Programming(How to use DDRx, PORTx, PINx) 10 - 15 mins
b. Live demo of Where to write progam, how to get .hex file, how to burn the
microcontrller flash

20 - 25 mins
c. Blinking LED program demonstration(with live program demo how to use any
port as O/P port)

10 mins
d. Line follower Robot logic overveiw 5 mins
15) Discussion of User manual of concerned Development Board( interpret the
hardware connections on the Assembled Robot)

5 - 10 mins
16) Assembling of the kit 10 - 15 mins
HOMEWORK announcement for students:  
a. Ask the students to install AVR STUDIO, WINAVR and test the BUZZER & LED on the

b. Ask them to come with 4 AA size batteries and atleast one laptop per team(fully charged)

c. Tell them the fine details about the comptition( if any)  
Session 3: (Day 2: Before Lunch)  
Promo speech for ROBOSAPIENSINDIA SIP 2011(tell them the benefits of joining it w.r.t knowledge and
17) Line follower Robot Logic(explanation of the program) 10 - 15 mins
18) Black Line follower Robot Connections (use user manual of concerned
development board)
5 - 7 mins
19) Testing of Line follower robot on Arena(resolve all kit issues raised by students) 60 - 90 mins
20) White Line Follower Robot Connections 5 mins
21) Edge Avoider robot program explanation and a demo by faculty 10 - 15 mins
Session 4: (Day 2: After Lunch)  
22) Obsticle avoider Robot logic explanation 10-20 mins
23) Wall follower robot logic discussion(only if included in workshop) 5-10 mins
24) Light Searching robot logic discussion(only if included in workshop) 5-10 mins
25) Revising Everything 20-30 mins
Comptition anouncement (if any)  
Robotryst Robotic Comptition 50-60 mins
26)   Future enhancement in all these Robots (Suggested to read robosapiens Book) 10-20 mins
27)   Workshop Query Session 10-20 mins
28)   Resolving Students Robot Problem 40-60 mins
29)   Announcement to join Robosapiens community, Forum 5 mins
30)  Announcement to follow us on Facebook, orkut, twitter 5 mins


Culmination of The workshop

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