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The Guidance and Counselling cell

The RISE philosophy is an embodiment of multifaceted life skills. It never recognizes ‘education’ just as a process of mechanical scoring of the highest possible marks in the examinations. The RISE campuses are against ‘marksism’.

The RISE UDBHAVA requires a special mention here. It is the Guidance and Counselling Cell having all the arrangements to look after the ‘guidance’ and ‘counselling’ needs of the students.

Life Skills are imparted to the students as a part of Udbhava’s curriculum. The personality development programmes, here, explore the students’ hidden potential. They, thereby, become bold enough to face the world and life! Effective and world class communication skills in English, public speaking, art of presentation, management skills etc. are among many dimensions included in the Udbhava’s mission. It is a place where life simply blossoms! The campuses’ students are sure to excel believing and participating in the Udbhava’s programmes.

A resident Counselling Psychologist having the ‘International Diploma in Guidance and Counselling’ from the NCERT in association with the Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada is in-charge of Udbhava.

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